Friday, July 19, 2013


It was revealed yesterday that the IRS was being directed by the Obama administration's "Office of Chief Council." Lois Lerner is a CRIMINAL and you can't trust ANYONE in this government to tell the truth.

If the IRS can discriminate against Obama's political opponents who's going to guarantee that this behavior won't happen again, and again? No one can.

This is the perfect time to DEMAND that Congress ABOLISH the IRS once and for all. We can't trust them ever again and they have way too much power. Congress should also take this time as the perfect opportunity to "FIX" the tax code by ABOLISHING it as well. They should impose a "Fair Tax" that EVERYONE participates in and pays something. No more 47% who pay NOTHING!

Action To Take
Demand that Congress scrap the IRS and dump the current tax codes for a Fair Tax.

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