Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pay Attention America

The HATE MONGERS are busy this week after the Zimmerman trial. Pay attention to who those people are and who they represent. Listen objectively to their message. It isn't a friendly one. It pushes more racism than we have heard in the recent past.  Don't be misguided by these people. They people are trying to divide America, making it easier to take-over America. The HATE MONGERS are NOT your friends, they are our enemies. They want to promote unrest and civil disobedience. They want to destroy society as we know it.

Al Sharpton is one of these people. He feeds on the down-trodden and pretends to be their "savior" while using them to make his life relevant. He is a hateful man using people for his own gain and for his new wealth enhancement. His message is racist. That's how he stays around. By HATE MONGERING, it's easy to get the uninformed upset and directing them to violence. Sharpton is no friend of freedom. Sharpton wants to create civil unrest. His goal is to divide this nation pitting us against each other. Sharpton's goal is to have big protests in 100 cities. Does that sound good?

Obama would like nothing better than to have to declare Martial Law. If enough cities show that there are lawless crazies rioting, he would gladly step-in. This would - in effect - give him full dictatorial power over all of us.

Don't be fooled. The strategy is a clear one. DO NOT Participate.

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