Thursday, July 18, 2013

America's Newest Hobby - Reloading

Gun owners are all familiar with the national shortage of all calibers and types of ammunition. Shortages are everywhere. This is in-part to the Department of Homeland Security and their massive purchases of ammunition, rifles, armored personnel carriers, and riot gear. The other reason, boils down to the Law of Supply and Demand. Prices have skyrocketed for anything "guns."

So how do you still get what you want and save money? You make your own! Reloading is becoming America's fastest growing hobby. Shooters are turning to manufacturing their own ammunition. Gun dealers are now offering classes on the subject and the demand is increasing. People cannot find any other way to get the ammunition they want, so this has become the last alternative.

Rising component prices and shortages of most reloading items across the board. Loading components include primers, bullets, brass casings, and gun powder. Here are a few examples:

  • Primers 5 years ago: $19 per 1,000 --- Now: $38 to $54 per 1,000
  • Brass casings (for 223 caliber) 5 years ago: $75 per 1,500 --- Now: $175 per 1500
  • Bullets 5 years ago: $17 per 100 --- Now: $28 per 100
  • Gun Powder 5 years ago: $17 per pound --- Now: $28 to $35 per pound

The increases in "reloaders" are a direct result of the government's effect on that industry and the panic of gun owners. People are hoarding ammunition because they fear that the government will BAN it. Government is requesting BILLIONS of rounds creating shortages. Gun stores are reporting that their quantities from suppliers are being diminished. Looks like gun owners are being squeezed in a few directions.

Is this a hidden agenda and deliberate policy of the Obama administration?

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