Saturday, August 24, 2013

A New Option 4 Seniors

Seniors, are you fed-up with the lack of help from the AARP? Have you figured out that they represent the Democratic Party and Love President Obama? The AARP cut secret deals with the Obama Administration and helped him pass The Affordable Care Act so they could sell their insurance to Seniors. No conflict of interest huh?

Looking for an organization that actually represents seniors? Well don't fret. There is one and you can join it today. The best news is that it's free! It's called "The 60 Plus Association."

This organization was started in 1992. It is a nonpartisan advocacy group who believes in less government, less taxes, free enterprise all geared towards seniors. Visit their videos on You Tube to learn more. 

They peruse interests that seniors want or have a stake in like:

  • How ObamaCare will affect the 2014 elections
  • How 60 Plus sticks-up for seniors against power companies raising rates
  • Support to abolish the Death Tax
  • Defending Social Security not as an entitlement
  • and more…

If you're not a senior, please pass this information along to the ones you know. They will thank you for providing a good alternative to the AARP who have sold-out seniors for greed.

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