Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's Time To Fight Back

Mark Levin has published a book titled "The Liberty Amendments." In it he proposes amending the US Constitution in the following ways:

  • Term limits, including for justices.
  • Repealing Amendment 17 and returning the election of senators to state legislatures
  • A congressional supermajority to override Supreme Court decisions (overruling what could be a stacked court)
  • Government spending limit based on GDP
  • Taxation capped at 15%
  • Limiting the commerce clause, and strengthening private property rights
  • Power of states to override a federal statute by a three-fifths vote

The Progressive LEFT has been attacking the Constitution for years using the incrementalist approach including Political Correctness which destroys American culture and traditions. Chip away a piece at a time so people won't notice that their freedoms have been eroded. meanwhile, the so-called "Republicans" are nothing more than the Washington "Elite Establishment" and want to do nothing to change the power structure. It's for sure they are NOT Conservatives. So here we are, with a do-nothing Congress who represents their own special interests and ignore the people who pay the $174,000 salary for doing very little.

It's time for action. There is a web site which needs your support to help a grass roots project. It's called "Citizens for Self-Governance."

Go there and see what they are all about. They need volunteers to help get the grass root movement rolling. Don't continue to sit-back and watch the Republic crumble under you very eyes. Become an active participant and Patriot to save it.

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