Friday, August 23, 2013

Monitizing Our Debt

The government has created another "bubble." Last time it created a bubble was in the housing market. Look how that turned-out.  Call it whatever you want. The government's intervention into "solving" our monitory problems is a total failure and getting worse every day. This IS Obama's goal. Most economic experts believe that nothing good will happen in the stock or bond market in the upcoming months. The clock is ticking.

Reason: The Chinese have stopped buying our debt. They stopped financing our abusive consumption for cheap products. In essence, we have borrowed from the producers of these products. Meanwhile, our paper money is becoming worth less and less. The Chinese are no fools, they are NOT trading with their other world partners using US dollars. They are working on dropping the dollar as their medium of exchange. When that happens, our money will be worthless.

Results: The end result will be either a total failure of our entire banking industry or a collapse of the stock market - or BOTH!

Americans are in for a rude awakening. The Obama government is lying about the unemployment numbers. It's lying about targeting political enemies. It's lying about the economy, and we know it's lying about spying on us. You can't TRUST this government for ANY true facts. They are in so far over their heads, they are a total loss of what to do to fix the gravity of the situation they have created.

You need to be prepared. Get your head on straight and plan for this disaster before it happens. Time is running short.

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