Friday, August 9, 2013

Civil Forfeiture

In 1984 Congress passed the Comprehensive Crime Control Act. This law gives law enforcement the portions of all assets seized during drug raids and similar investigations. The key word here is "investigations." Police and other law enforcers do not need to see a conviction of a crime, they can just seize YOUR property if you are merely suspected of a crime.

Civil Forfeiture allows police to take "suspected Illicit goods" from people who have not been convicted in court. Thus, perfectly innocent people can, and HAVE lost valuable assets and property - including their homes. All this for just being suspected of committing a crime.

There are numerous examples of where the police have abused this power to their own personal gain and advantage. The only way to try and get your property, money, or assets back is through litigation. Most people don't have the resources to to this and lose everything.

Isn't it time to nullify this law - especially when it is abused by unethical police departments? This law tramples the rights of innocent people.

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