Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Lies Continue

President Obama looked the camera in the eye and said on the Jay Leno show that "We don't have a domestic spying program." That's a bold face LIE to the American public. We know better. More and more details are coming out about the NSA's "Monitoring" and "Data Mining" of personal information and it contradicts the President's remarks totally. It was just reported that the NSA not only records conversations of Americans who talk to foreigners, but they record and track Americans who merely mention foreigners or keywords that the NSA doesn't like.

So when Obama gets on TV and tells you that we (his administration) are NOT spying on Americans he's just plain LYING - and he's good at it. Last month we found out that the NSA "monitors" all of our Internet activities.

This Flagrant Abuse of the 4th Amendment is "excused" or "justified" by The Patriot Act which was expanded under the Obama Presidency - and now he's abusing it to the fullest. It's obvious that this government is overstepping their bounds by interpreting the Patriot Act to spy on innocent Americans.

Action To Take
Demand the repeal of The Patriot Act because of the government's abuse of it.

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