Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Trap

Was Al Qaeda using the threats to verify the National Security Agency (NSA) info from Snowden? The US just closed all Embassies in the Middle East. Why? Our inteligence response shows OUR hand! We fell for their trap. Yes, it IS a trap & Obama fell for it.

What if Al Qaeda was merely testing the validity of Snowden's intel gathering? How would you test whether or not that Snowden's brain dump was accurate? Maybe this whole thing is another scheme by the United States to kill more valuable Terrorist leaders. How would our enemy find out? They wouldn't want to "waste" more of their leadership.

Why not plan a "Fake" attack against all US embassies in Africa and throughout the Muslim world? If the US reacts to it, then Al Qaeda knows that the details provided by Snowden are the true picture of American intelligence gathering. Clever plan.

Result: America took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. American reaction was to close ALL embassies and broadcast warnings to American travelers going to the troubled regions. Al Qaeda now knows that the Snowden information IS valid and they have a new weapon to use against America and Americans.

But wait, don't just blame Snowden. Blame the USA's response to the false "threat." Look who's in charge. Susan Rice is the National Security Adviser. Recall that before her promotion, she's the one who went-out to 5 media stations and promoted the lie about Benghazi's origins. With minions like that providing the President with their opinions on national security, we are in DEEP Do Do America.

Our enemies will laugh every time they use Snowden's intelligence data to KILL Americans. Thank, in part, Susan Rice, an Obama appointee.

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