Sunday, October 27, 2013

Freedom is Dying in America

Every day we lose more freedom in America. Free enterprise is dying a slow death. The government takes-over General Motors and tells them which cars to produce and which ones to scrap. Then the government sells the controlling interest to China.

Local police departments militarize their officers and equipment and train them for door-to-door searches. Then they demonstrate their abuse of power by ignoring the 4th Amendment in Boston on national TV. They searches several blocks of private homes without search warrants under the guise of "protecting us from terrorists."

Colleges tell students what they can or cannot say and what they can or cannot wear for Halloween celebrations. They want to control the youth of America and brainwash the students often. It's all about controlling them and getting them to fall-in-line for the good of the collective.

Pretty soon the Secularists will be busy again attacking the Christmas holiday season with lawsuits and other efforts for banning "offensive" displays. Catholic organizations and businesses are forced to pay for abortion medications for their employees by the government. Only Christians have to worry because Muslims can do or say just about anything they want, anywhere they want.

The government now forces its citizens to purchase a product that they may not want with penalties if they don't. There is no freedom there, just a totalitarian state controlling your lives.

No one in the government is held for their actions even when they have committed crimes. Instead, the criminals receive early retirement pensions or get government promotions instead. The government lives in secrecy and attacks those who speak-out against them.

The government tries to destroy the 2nd Amendment by signing a treaty with the United Nations that gives-up US sovereignty. They try and ban weapons and ammunition in efforts to disarm its own citizens.

Look around. This isn't America any longer. It's slowly becoming a FASCIST STATE just like Germany did in the 1930's. Our citizens remain unaware.

God help us!

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