Friday, November 1, 2013

Don't Look Now But...

Look over your shoulder. Big Government is taking over your healthcare. Have you been directly impacted yet? You will be. That's because ObamaCare was designed to be a Trojan Horse. That's why Nancy Pelosi told us we have to pass the bill to find-out what's in it. She knew if we did, that we would NEVER allow it to be passed. Incidentally, it's worthy to point-out that not 1 Republican voted for ObamaCare. It was all the doing of the DEMOCRATS which are now mainly controlled by Progressive Elitists.

If you think that you have dodged the bullet by ObamaCare forcing you to take government coverage - JUST WAIT! It is now being projected that an additional 93 MILLION more people will have their health insurance packages "cancelled" because of the Affordable Care Act. Democrats are calling these cancellations "Transitioning." Don't you just love how Progressives have a politically correct way of describing things? That's their polite way of screwing you into their program using their doctors and their hospitals and their waiting lists.

It makes no sense why men are mandated to carry maternity coverage. Seniors too! If you don't have this coverage, then the government pressures you into their program using their coverage. The law is designed to destroy existing insurance companies and make you join the government program.

What To Do
If you are a male or female under age 30, do NOT sign up for the government exchanges. This will help collapse the government system because they need young people to pay into the system and the higher premiums. If you are a senior, there's not much you can do. If you have been "Transitioned" you may be visiting soon with the Death Panels (who by the way aren't even doctors) to see whether or not they will even consider that you receive ANY medical treatment. Anyone over the age of 55 isn't worth spending the time or government money on so they will refuse treatments - especially to cancer patients. That kind of treatment costs too much and seniors are way past their prime so why bother with them? Goodbye seniors, it was nice knowing you!

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