Thursday, October 31, 2013

He Thought He Could Lie (Again)

oh, no, this time he got caught RED HANDED!

President Obama has committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors by LYING openly to the American Public over and over again. Why would Obama do this & jeopardize his Presidency? (Lying to the American public IS a HIGH CRIME & MISDEMEANOR punishable by IMPEACHMENT). Because he has lied about Benghazi and other government scandals and he has gotten away with them repeatedly, Obama believed that he could just continue to LIE to the American public because he thinks you're too stupid to figure it out.. His arrogance is the reason he jeopardized his Presidency. He's too wrapped-up in his own Narcissism to believe that he couldn't persuade (LIE) to the IGNORANT population into believing that ObamaCare wasn't a Trojan Horse forcing people into the single payer government system. Incidentally, that's just what the Affordable Care Act does. It forces people to take the one and only single payer system offered by Big Government as the wherewithal solution to YOUR healthcare. ObamaCare is a government take-over of your healthcare. It IS a TROJAN HORSE and it was sold to the American public that it was the only way to resolve the issue. It is a major deception.

Obama knew what he was doing. Obama LIES often and is a good LIAR!

Lying is a major problem for Obama. His credibility is now shattered because he has been caught and he can be subjected to IMPEACHMENT for his actions! Dishonesty will DESTROY Obama. Rightly so and it's about time he be held accountable for HIS actions and deceptions.

It's time to demand Congress investigate with the sole-goal of IMPEACHING the dishonesty and deceptions, coverups, and scandals coming from the President.

Obama MUST GO! Demand that Impeachment proceedings begin. We demand INTEGRITY for a change we can believe in!

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