Friday, October 25, 2013

Latest "Negotiations"

So do you really think that the "new" budget negotiations are going to produce anything good for America? A year ago they (Congress) employed the "Super Committee" to do their bidding. And that result was a total failure. So what's different this time?

NOTHING! The two political parties are still split miles apart and they are returning to "negotiations" so we can avoid another man-made crisis. That's a big joke and we all know it. There will be a repeat of the process and frankly we are all getting quite tired of the same-old-same-old behavior.

Democrats will continue to demand increasing taxes, wanting to give more entitlements, and continuing borrowing money we don't have or can't afford. Republicans will wait until the last minute to capitulate and give-in to the Democrats like they always do. It's not only predictable, but it's disgusting.

It may already be too late to save America, but about the only thing we can do without starting a BLOODY & VIOLENT REVOLUTION (subliminal message) is to vote-out all the lazy bastards who won't fight for Conservative values. This is NOT a threat, but a promise of all those so-called "Republicans" who caved-in during the last "Crisis."

It's time not to give-up, but to get even. Vote-out ALL incumbents that have more than 2 terms in office.

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