Sunday, October 20, 2013

Republican Party Split

It's time to pay close attention to the GOP and how they have reacted in the recent crisis. We can count on the fact that they will repeat the cave-in process during the up coming debit crisis in January - February. Notable "GOP Leaders" were the first to give in to the Democrats and get NOTHING in exchange.

Just look and listen to what the Republican Elites are saying about the Tea Party (TP). They are making strong negative remarks blaming the TP for their failures. What they are not saying is that this strategy is nothing more than deflecting the blame away from its real source. That's an old strategy - let's hope that the American public is finally aware of who their REAL enemies are in Washington.

Republicans who ARE Conservatives should remain steadfast and continue defending the Constitution. They should ignore the Moderate Democrats who call themselves "Republicans." The GOP elites time is OVER. The Good-Old-Boys have morphed into POWER MONGERING PROGRESSIVES who love big government. They think that the Tea Party is weak and will go away. WRONG. The Elites who keep caving-in to the debt ceiling crisis will be replaced in their primary elections. It's the only way that the people can lawfully get rid of them. Their time has come and their usefulness is gone. They no longer represent their oath of office.

It's also time to act. The nation is at stake.

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