Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where's Joe?

Ever since the ObamaCare roll-out fiasco, there has been one obvious person absent from the public eye. Joe Biden. So where is Joe anyway and why is he out of the lime light?

Joe Biden has been ordered to go on vacation at Camp David. That way he can't put his foot in his mouth like he always does, and really screw-up any negotiations regarding the debt ceiling. Last time he "negotiated" he infuriated Obama by giving-in to the wrong demands. So now the President can't or won't' trust old Joe to do anything that could make matters worse from Obama's point of view (which is HARD LEFT).

So Joe has been put out to pasture and silenced like all people Obama doesn't like - especially if they can't do his bidding. He can't hex him by name calling or discreding him because they are on the same team.

Meanwhile, notice how no one in the entire Obama administration is being held accountable for the software "Glitch" (their word - actually a total FAILURE) for the roll-out. Anyone in the private sector who could botch-up a $648,000 MILLION dollar project over three years would be immediately fired. However, when people get caught breaking the law or screwing up royally, they usually get a promotion in the Obama government. So Kathy Sebelius has little to worry about. Too bad, because she is the ultimate person in charge of the ObamaCare FAILURE.

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