Monday, November 11, 2013

Democrats Lied

Way back when Obama was pushing ObamaCare he and his fellow Democrats all made promises. They all lied, because they know more what to do about your healthcare than you do. That's the premise of Progressives. You're too stupid or too ignorant to know what's best for you and your family. So that's why they have to step-in and take control over your lives. It's for the "greater good."

Senior citizens are feeling these lies just as much as the young people who are being thrown off their medical plans. Recall that the Democrats took $500 MILLION away from Medicare in order to pay for the uninsured. Now seniors are finding out that there REALLY are Death Panels of bureaucrats (not doctors) who determine whether seniors get coverage and more importantly, when they get coverage. Long waits often result in DEATH because of lack of treatment. That's the whole idea. They don't care because seniors are too old anyway. Let Mother Nature kill them by natural causes. This is from the political party who "cares about the little guys." Where's their humanity now?

Look at facts. ObamaCare is causing hospitals to close, doctors to drop covering Medicare patients, and cancelled medical care plans.

These things were all anticipated and planned to happen. ObamaCare is a Trojan Horse. Obama knew back in 2010. He wants a "single payer system." That's the Progressive's way of saying government-controlled healthcare. They all lied.

So what can you do, without rioting in the streets? Remain peaceful for now and vote-out ALL Democrats because they are the only ones who passed ObamaCare.

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