Saturday, November 16, 2013

What Are They Thinking?

Republicans are being stupid once again. This is the never ending story. They just passed a bill that allows everyone to keep their cancelled insurance plans for one more year - then get dropped! This is of course, ONLY if the insurance companies want to let you. What's their incentive to do it? DUH??? It does nothing to stop the government take-over of your healthcare. It merely postpones it. Who's side are they REALLY ON? They should just leave ObamaCare alone and let it destroy itself and not interfere. Why would ANY Republican want to take ANY ownership of ObamaCare? That's just IDIOTIC!

However, the bill did scare 39 Democrats enough to vote in favor of it. That was a pure selfish move on their part because they are all up for re-election next year and they want to look the "good guys" for a change. The split in the Democratic Party will widen as we get closer to the midterm elections.

The author of this new bill (Fred Upton R, MI) is the same genius of the bill (now law) that banned incandescent light bulbs - closing-down US manufacturing plants, giving China the work instead. Upton banned the reliable, inexpensive, and effective light bulb that was manufactured in the USA. Instead, we all now have to buy compact flourescent lights all made in China that cost much, much, more AND contain the dreaded MERCURY which poses health hazards if not properly disposed. With this kind of thinking it's no wonder why people are loosing faith in the Republicans. They're IDIOTS when it comes to political strategy.

This new bill contains several unintended consequences much like the foolish light bulb legislation. For example, insurance companies don't have to honor the commitment made by the government's new law. That's just STUPID. None of the consequences are ANY good. So the DUNDERHEADS that we call Republicans are busy shooting themselves in the foot while thinking they are the "Brains" in Washington. That's out "leadership" on the Conservative side. BLOCKHEADS!

Once again this demonstrates that we need to get rid of incumbent Republicans who have served more than two terms in office. It also reminds us that we should vote-out ALL Democrats because they voted for ObamaCare. The incompetence and corruption needs to be removed so we can start fresh without the MORONS now running the show.

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