Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Americans ARE Fed-Up

In a recent poll by Gallop, they reported that 42% of Americans now identify themselves as "Independents." It seems that most have dropped-out of their old "Republican" affiliation because only 25% of Americans now identify as Republican. That's a big drop since 1988.

Perhaps this shift away from the GOP is due to the fact that the Elite GOP leaders have also shifted towards becoming Moderate Democrats abandoning their Conservative principles! The GOP party peaked in 2004 when George Bush was re-elected to a second term in office. It has steadily declined affiliation ever since.

Democratic identification has declined a tad in recent years as well, but only about 5%. The current rate of 31% of Americans identifying as Democrats is the lowest annual average in 25 years. Perhaps that number is a reflection of dissatisfied Americans with President Obama.

More and more Americans are becoming fed-up with BOTH political parties. These movements away from both political parties is likely from the outgrowth of American voter's unfavorable opinion and lack of trust in both of them as well.

This trend makes up coming midterm elections mush more unpredictable. However, if voters ALL remember that it was the Democrats in Washington who ALL voted for ObamaCare, there should be new control in the US Senate. Only time will tell. Midterms are in November 2014.

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