Sunday, January 5, 2014

Unemployment Benefit Extension - Again?

While President Obama touts that the economy is getting better, that does NOT explain the rising numbers of unemployment benefit recipients. Although government numbers of the unemployed show 7%, the number of unemployment recipients is ever increasing. This is in part to the government's lowering the requirements to receive these benefits. Obama has made unemployment benefits easier to obtain so there are more recipients.

A quick look at the unemployment situation shows that the numbers being reported as "unemployed" by they government are NOT the true numbers. The government does NOT include the numbers of individuals who have voluntarily dropped-out of the work force for whatever the reason. These people are still NOT working and NOT being counted. If you were to include their numbers with the government computation, the REAL unemployment would be well over 11+ %, perhaps much higher. So the government statistics are misleading. They paint a pretty faux picture in order to make you feel that things are getting better. Perception IS reality! Government propaganda strives for it!

One of Obama's objectives in "Fundamentally Transforming America" is to create MORE dependence on BIG government and BIG government entitlements. Hence, Obama wants to see more and more people taking unemployment insurance (and food stamps), becoming MORE dependent on the government. So now Obama is pushing for yet another extension of these benefits for "those American people who are down and out." He reiterates that the nation needs to "lend a helping hand to those who are suffering from the scourge of unemployment." This is paradoxical! If unemployment numbers are so good then why are the unemployment benefits being pushed for more extensions? It doesn't make sense.

Obama is ignoring that he has allowed the government to pay unemployment benefits to people for over two years. That's the government paying individuals NOT TO WORK for two years. Why look for work when you can get money for NOT WORKING?

Obama is once again being DISHONEST with the America public. It's time to remove this LIAR from office.

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