Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How Much Gold in Fort Knox?

We have all heard about where the USA keeps all the government's gold. It's in Fort Knox. Fort Knox is located inside a 109,000 acre army facility. It was completed in 1936. The door to the vault weighs 22 tons and is 21 inches thick. The roof is bomb-proof (conventional - not nuclear).

According to the federal government, Fort Knox contains just about 5,000+ metric tons of gold. That represents approximately 3% of all the gold ever refined in human history.

Gee, that sounds pretty safe and secure. However there are a few things you should be aware of.

First, is that whenever someone in Congress tries to get an official audit of Fort Knox, they get stonewalled. The last time there was an official audit of the gold contained inside this repository was in 1953! No one except "experts" were allowed inside see the gold was physically tested and proven to be valid bars of gold. That was 61 years ago.

The last time someone tried to get an audit was in 2011 by Ron Paul. It never happened. With the way that this government borrows and spends money it doesn't have, isn't it a wonder that perhaps Fort Knox is empty?

The government refuses any audits of Fort Knox simply because they deem that gold reserves are "more symbolic than substantive." In other words, they aren't important. By giving an audit, the government believes that it would give more importance to an assets that it has already deemed unimportant. So why bother?

However an audit would probably raise more questions than the government would ever want to answer. Like - what if the amount falls far short from what the government has reported to us all these years? Where did the gold go? Who bought it? Who sold it? Was the gold sold used to manipulate prices? What if the "gold" turns out to be gold-painted Tungsten (or counterfeit?). Then what? These are just a few questions that the government would never want to become public.

If you believe that the government has, and continues to lie to us, or cover-up their screw-ups, then why not demand an audit? We have a right to know.

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