Sunday, January 19, 2014

He Does It Again!

Obama is shameless. Obama has yet changed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) again to satisfy HIS request to be in control of it. This is totally unprecedented and Obama has NO AUTHORITY to alter, delay, delete, or omit any portion of the ACA. By the way, the acronym "ACA" should now mean "Always Change Accordingly."

This delay issued by the DICTATOR in the White House puts-off the provision that prevents employers from providing better health care to top executives vs employees. So even though the law is written to prohibit employers from discriminating in favor of their top executives, Obama decided NOT to enforce that part just yet because "translating that goal into reality has proved difficult." REALLY?

It's becoming increasingly difficult to believe that Obama can legally do any of these things without Congressional approval. Obama's use of his pen seems to be the way he "THINKS" he can solve rollout problems.

What's really IRONIC is that even though Obama has no authority to change the ACA law, no one in Congress has the GUTS to challenge him on it. Obama's latest "Change" gives the ELITES the advantage of better health care than regular folks. However, the government can force you to buy crappy care - even if you don't want any. That's because someone has to pay for all the ILLEGALS who have no healthcare. Hey, that sounds fair.

Congress is absent from this discussion. How long will it take for Americans to get mad enough to take matters into their own hands? Last time they did was in 1776!

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