Saturday, January 25, 2014


Look around. Is everything OK? Do you feel comfortable with your surroundings? Don't be. The government is spying on you everywhere they can violating the 4th Amendment daily. The IRS was caught targeting Obama's political opponents (people and groups that oppose his political philosophy). So what happened? NOTHING. The IRS just got caught again last week targeting a film maker who produces films that shows Obama in a non-flattering way. Now they are attacking a Conservative group in Hollywood. This is no accident. The continue to harass political opponents unscathed.

Standard and Poors is now dealing with a multi-million dollar law suit filed by the Obama DOJ (Eric Holder). The CEO at Standard and Poors claims that the government is punishing them for downgrading America's credit rating. He also claims that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner threatened him for doing so.

Every time you turn you head, someone somewhere is being attacked, discredited, slandered,  invalidated and diminished. They are labeled as "EXTREMISTS" just for having a different opinion other than the Obama Administration. Even the NAACP has joined in on these activities.

Why even Obama is whining and blaming FOX News and Rush Limbaugh for the failure of HIS policies. He forgets to mention that the main stream media has become the Obama Ministry of Propaganda - all except Fox News. The rest of the media carries Obama's water and promotes HIS agenda. They HAVE become the propaganda arm of the HARD LEFT.

If you recognize these things, you should be feeling INTIMIDATED and uncomfortable by a government that is too big for its own good and WAY TOO POWERFUL.

Remember this in the upcoming midterm elections. We need to take control over the US Senate and maintain the House of Representatives. Once that happens, we should IMMEDIATELY  begin IMPEACHMENT proceedings and get things back in control.

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