Saturday, January 18, 2014

Obama's NSA Proposals

"If you like your privacy, you can keep your privacy but the NSA will STILL continue to record YOUR metadata!" In other words - Go Screw America! Obama IS the President and he can do whatever he pleases - including spying and recording your personal information so the government can use it against you at a later date on trumped-up charges.

That pretty much sums-up Obama's NSA Proposals. Here are the details of his plan:

  • The phone metadata collected STILL exists, and the government is going to keep this information whether you like it or not. No change there!
  • Congress will be tasked with what to do with this information and who gets to store it. The key here is that the government will still continue to collect this information and be able to access it whenever they want it. They can search and retrieve the metadata whenever they elect to do so. Like it or lump it. No change there!
  • The NSA searches will be approved by a Big Government court that likes Obama and has no privacy advocate present. In other words, business as usual. No change there.
  • National Security letters can be, and still will be issued by the FBI without a court order. (Another ABUSE of the Patriot Act which remains unchanged. Also the National Defense Authorization Act can be abused if the government "thinks" you're doing something bad, they can search your information without due process. You can even be arrested by the US MILITARY on US soil (NO BULL!) without a warrant! You can be held indefinitely without access to a lawyer). No change there.
  • Much of the NSA's activities will remain Top Secret. There will be no accountability to Congress. Again, no change there.

Obama maintains that none of the security programs in service have or will be used to abuse you or the American public. That's just another LIE from the Biggest LIAR of the year 2013, because nothing has changed. Obama has merely provided double-speak to try and silence the public outrage for the government invasion of American privacy that HE allows under HIS administration.

Obama is a PROVEN LIAR. He lies whenever he opens his mouth. Obama's NSA Proposals are a JOKE! He loves spying on Americans. He will continue doing so as long as he is in office.

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