Thursday, February 6, 2014

Deflect, Deflect, Deflect

So the joke of the day is that Obama is saying that "freedom of religion is under threat" as Catholics sue HIS administration. Ironic because HE's the one attacking nuns forcing them to provide birth control.

Apparently Obama's learned from one of histories biggest dictators - Adolf Hitler. Hitler said "tell a BIG lie, say it often, and the people will believe it." Obama is masterful at deflecting issues, scandals, questions, anything that pertains to being directed towards HIM. He has "TEFLON SKIN" because nothing ever sticks to him.

By suggesting that religion is under attack, he deflects attention away from the FACT that he has directed Eric Holder to attack the Little Sisters of the Poor with a law suit. They will NOT provide both control and Obama is trying to force them to do so. Obama thinks little of attacking an order of nuns. They simply must be taught a lesson not to buck his wishes. Ironically, Obama is the one who IS attacking the Catholic religion but deflects to make it appear otherwise.

Another person is learning the hard way NOT to get Obama pissed-off. That's movie director Dinesh D'Sousa, who produced a few movies that are unfavorable to President Obama. Now D'Sousa is being sued by Eric Holder for some trumped-up charge about campaign finance abuses. Meanwhile Obama knows nothing about it. Another deflection.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Obama "deflected" IRS criticism by saying that there wasn't a "SMIDGEON of corruptness" in the IRS. That's a LIE!! Today a high-level government email indicates that retired Director Lois Lerner drafted the rules to punish conservative groups. That's probably why she took the 5th when she testified in Congress. Instead of prosecuting her, Obama let her retire under full pension benefits. Another deflection.

The bottom line is that you have to watch both hands. The President says one thing, and then does something else. Obama is a master at lying. He cannot be trusted. He must be held accountable.

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