Sunday, February 2, 2014

Government is an Entity

Big Government does NOT represent the people. It is an entity all unto itself. It grows and its main purpose is to protect itself - not the people. Big Government always looks out for itself first! It is a myth that the government works and represents the people. The government is NOT your friend. Today's Congress illustrates the whole concept clearly. Big Government representing the people has become just fiction and propaganda that people now believe.

The government has created the economic bubbles that have hurt and partially destroyed the economy and most of the middle class. The government has created income inequality. They created the housing bubble, they are propping-up the stock market, they are creating a stock market bubble, and now they have created a bond bubble. The overall net affect is that the US dollar is worth less every day as the government continues borrowing and printing money.

The bond bubble is perhaps the most serious because of the scale of impact it represents. Treasury bonds represent the reputation of the United States. The value of bonds under Ben Bernanke's rein has inflated bond values to record high levels. They have done so by keeping interest rates at ridiculously low levels. All that does is to merely postpone the crash. If the government allowed the markets free-fall, they would have collapsed and re-set themselves. By the government interfering, they have held-back and stalled the collapse allowing it to grow to Armageddon size instead. The next COLLAPSE IS COMING and it will be much worse than the "Great Depression" of the 1930s.

The major cause for the coming collapse is debt. Not just national debt, but personal debt as well. Our debts world-wide have reached unprecedented levels in recorded history. There is a gigantic Debt Bubble as well, and it will destroy our currency and economy in 2014.

Big Government; What they give, they can take. The government can justify their actions by many means and ways. They treat you like a milk cow when things are going well. However, during bad times they treat you like a beef cow. Think about that for a second! Look at history and you should see the truth in that.

And one more thing, remember all the people who are on food stamps. Where will they turn when the government STOPS giving food to them? This Collapse has the potential for being very UGLY!

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