Saturday, February 8, 2014

Recurring Theme

Minority House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi believes that the January job numbers are just GREAT! She says "Today’s jobs report shows our recovery continuing to move forward." This is in direct conflict with Reuters who say that January was the "second straight month of weak hiring - marked by declines in retail, utilities, government, and education and health employment." The Associated Press also provides a negative view saying that "the surprisingly weak jobs report" shows that the economy "might be slowing." They also noted the increasing high unemployment rates for black youths.

So who is right? The HARD LEFT? Take a close look. We are getting "good" numbers and "good" information from the federal government. They are working the formula to calculate these job numbers. No conflict of interest there - Right? Keep in mind that the government numbers do NOT reflect the number of people who have left the job market. The government does not include them into their calculations.

Is Nancy Pelosi credible? While on the Jon Stewart show she denied ANY responsibility for the failed ObamaCare rollout that she helped JAM through the Congress without reading the bill. Steward laughed in her face. It wasn't HER problem! Can we believe her when she talks about ANYTHING?

This is getting to be a familiar theme from the Obama Administration. "It's not my fault, I had no knowledge of it." No one ever seems to know what's going on - even Obama. Or when there is a recognized scandal, the government starts its own investigation of its own people. No conflict there. We never get the TRUTH. We never will under Obama.

One thing for sure, their behavior is predictable. Lie and make things sound like they are OK. They all repeat the LIES in hope that you will believe them!

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