Friday, February 14, 2014

Obama's Power Grab

Comrades, President Obama is no longer President. No, he has assumed full dictatorial powers and is now the CHANCELLOR and HIGH EXHAULTED GREAT IMPERIAL RULER of the United States. HAIL OBAMA! Meanwhile Congress sits on their asses and watch saying OMG! What just happened? There goes the so-called check-and-balances that used to be in the US Constitution. Why haven't they acted to stop Obama? Do they even care?

The uninformed population of the USA haven't noticed Obama's power grab either because they are too busy getting their free Obama Phones, food stamps, ObamaCare exemptions, unemployment payments not to work, and all the welfare they can get their hands on. This (of course) includes all ILLEGAL ALIENS as well.

Then what's left are the SUCKERS who actually work for a living. Folks like you and me who work, save, and think that's the American way. Not any more America. Look around.

We are witnessing the decline and DESTRUCTION of the best country in world history going down the toilet. We are succumbing to Communism/Marxism or whatever you want to call this TOTALITARIAN government. We just sit-back and watch but don't speak out. World history shows that this is a fatal reaction. By the time Americans wake up, it will be too late and their fate will be sealed - just like all other dictatorial take-overs in the world. Our enemies are laughing and watching without having to fire one shot.

Speak now or forever hold your voice in total silence. There will be no more free speech. It's dissolving as we speak. Make you voice heard. Speak now against this tyrannical power grab.

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