Sunday, December 13, 2015


Don't look now but the Republican Party is going to stick it to you once again. This time it's being led by Senator Lamar Alexander (TN) and Jason Chaffetz (UT). They are adding a new section of the Omnibus Spending bill that will TAX ALL INTERNET SALES.

To add insult to injury, other Republican A-HO:Es are also giving Obama unlimited dollars for Syrian refugees. If passed, Obama can spend as much as HE WANTS to bring the "vetted" refugees into the USA and then dump them on unsuspecting Americans.

It's no wonder that people are ANGRY with Washington politicians when they pull this kind of SNEAKY politics to pass legislation attached to BIG bills that we need to pass.

The afore mentioned Senators are NOT FRIENDS OF YOURS! Let them know how you feel. Drop them a line.

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