Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rubio vs Cruz NDAA Voting

The National Defense Authorization Act removes your rights given by the Constitution. You can be arrested and held indefinitely by the government at their whim if they "THINK" you may be a Terrorist. They don't need any evidence - just a hunch. Meanwhile, you can rot in a government lockup for as long as they want to keep you.

Besides being held, you cannot tell ANYONE that you are arrested - including your lawyer. It also allows the government to seize ANYTHING you own for their purposes.The National Defense Authorization Act tramples the Bill of Rights AND the Constitution - as does The Patriot Act which expands government spying on US citizens indiscriminately. Both laws CRUSH your rights and destroy your freedom and personal liberties.

Ted Cruz voted against it because he is a Patriot. Rubio voted for it because he's part of the Washington Elites who go along to get along. Besides, Rubio STILL supports AMNESTY for ILLEGALS and he still wants OPEN BORDERS.

Get it yet? You're being hoodwinked to believe Rubio is the "Good Guy."

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