Saturday, August 8, 2009

White House Attacks the 1st Amendment

The White House this week formed a group whose job is to report any "Fishy Criticisms" or "misleading information" of Obama's healthcare plan. This group asks you to provide emails or information regarding these remarks.

The group is spearheaded by Linda Douglas, the White House Communications Director for Health Reform. She is in charge of asking people to "Snitch" on friends, family, or anyone who disagrees with Obama healthcare. So maybe it's fair to say she is the Czar of the "Snitch Police."

The last time this tactic was used effectively on this scale by a government was just prior to World War II by the National Socialist Party (Nazis) in Germany. They received "tips" from people who claimed the named individuals were discussing anti-government topics. The Gestapo ("Snitch Police") arrested those accused for interrogation. Many of these individuals never returned home and were never seen again. That's right, apparently a Fascist government is our new model for "disinformation"!

According to Judge Nathan Napolitano who appeared on TV Thursday evening, this is a direct violation of the First Amendment! After President Nixon created an enemies list in the 70s, Congress added to the law making this act illegal. The statute forbids the government from collecting information on people who speak against the government. It also prohibits the government from saving and storing this information. That's EXACTLY what the OBAMA administration is doing NOW! These actions by OUR government suppresses free speech and intimidates everyday folks, like you and me.

Wake Up Americans
America, does it worry you that the government will take this information, including your names? We are being threatened by intimidation from our own PRESIDENT. He is attacking our liberties and personal freedoms!

1st Amendment
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Isn't it clear this is a violation of the First Amendment? The White House is issuing a clarion call to squeal on opposition to government policies. This elevates the issue and makes it a direct threat to all Americans! The request comes from the pinnacle of power (OBAMA) in this country! Many Americans feel that this could result in some serious repercussions from the government - like say an IRS audit for openers!

Right To Protest
When did it become un-American to protest or have a different opinion?? Americans have protested over civil rights, pro-abortion rights, anti-war demonstrations, and environmental demonstrations. It is our unalienable right! The government cannot threaten us because we have our own opinion!


Actions To Take
Phone the White House and demand that this policy be stopped immediately. 202-456-1111 Also, ask for a public apology.


  1. Apparently others feel the same as this blog. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words:

  2. It was only a matter of time when the Messiah had to step
    > in and make a local issue, which should not be an issue-
    > H.L.Gates Jr. acted "stupidly" toward the cambridge Sgt. he
    > deserved to be locked up, into a country wide debate.
    > He is unreal and YOU voted for him, do not deny it YOU know
    > who YOU are, this is yet another example of what change can
    > do for YOU and our once great country!! Get ready to
    > say goodbye.

  3. Yep. I have it on good authority that the Obama Administration is forming a Gestapo group. Dick Cheney is the new Gestapo Czar, since he's already an expert on spying on Ameericans.

    Why do you think they're trying to find a place for the detainees at Gitmo? They're making room for all the Americans that the Gestapo will be causing to disappear.

  4. Nick,
    Dick Cheney was no better!

    He helped get the Patriot Act passed which stole our Right to Privacy among other liberties. The Bush administration spied on Americans under the pretext of stopping terrorism using this act and did not have to get court issued search warrants for their wire tapings!! They also detained individuals for indefinite periods of time without giving them any chance for legal representation. (Habeas corpus). Some believe this was all Cheney’s idea.

    The Bush administration also provided a lot of "lip service" with regards to protecting our borders. But in fact, did little to help stop illegal’s from entering the country. It STILL remains a problem! Neither party wants to address this issue!

    Bush's eight years were disappointing. We entered a war in Iraq and still have troops there. We have lost too many American lives in a place where they don't give a care about democracy. That was a big mistake. It actually helped Iran and their quest for nuclear weapons!

    Bush also held the record for government spending, until Obama took office.

    Before you challenge that I have not spoken out much about Bush, please note that I didn't wake-up as to how bad the problem was and did not put the pieces together until I started this blog in July this year. That's no excuse, but it is the truth.

    Both political parties have forsaken America. The big difference now with the current administration is the rate of speed of government intervention and the amount of government spending in such a short time. Obama cannot sustain this insane spending without bankrupting this country. By implementing changes fast, the government will never "unchange" them! They never have. In Michigan, they imposed a state sales tax as a "temporary solution." They still have it and just increased it again!

    It may seem paranoid to mention the Gestapo, but the parallels are THERE! And Yes, it IS intimidating to have the President ask for information on people who oppose his programs and agendas!

    I also think Obama has a bigger agenda. Frankly, I don't trust him. He wants to transform this country into HIS version of "utopia" with more government control and less freedom for Americans.

    Last time I looked, this is STILL AMERICA! Let's keep it that way.

  5. lighten up, brother. just trying to add a little levity.

    But let's face it - the Gestapo analogy is uncalled for.

  6. Nick,
    It's unfortunate that you do not see the similarities with a historical fact and present day events. Hitler's form of Fasicsm was evil, ugly, and quite brutal.

    Fascism does not always have to be as violent or extreme. It can be more subtle and considered by some to be "soft fascism". When a government "federalizes" specific key elements of our economy for the sake of saving it, we need to look closely at what the outcome really is.

    The expansion of a central government to literally take over our main banks, automobile companies, insurance companies, American mortgages, and credit companies leans hard and supports the definition of fascism. Each act viewed separately seemed innocent enough. Collectively (the whole picture), they point to a more serious sequence of events in a short period of time. If you look at the results jointly, there has been a huge grab of government powers in less than a year, starting with the Bush administration.

    I believe that the government has no lawful right to do this. By what powers listed in our Constitution does the government have the right to do all this? And now our medical care too? If that doesn't raise any concern, it should. Who died and put the government in control of American lives - especiall patient-doctor decisions? Why do you think there is so much dissent regarding the government healthcare proposals? People are beginning to realize that the government is grabbing way too much control over our lives.

    Granted the mention of the word "Gestapo" probably brings-up some unpleasant thoughts. Yes, our government currently is NOT arresting anyone for having a different opinion. However, they are using a fascist approach of intimidation to try and silence opposition. That is unAmerican and I am personally offended by it. If you are offended by the word "Gestapo" then you know exactly how deeply I feel about what's happening.

  7. Actually, Doug, to me the most unfortunate thing is that you believe this propaganda.


    Here's a challenge - don't watch Fox News, or frequent your normal web sites for 2 weeks. Watch any other news station, and continue to write your blog. I'll be interested to see what conclusions you come to.

  8. Nick,
    There is nothing wrong with my mental capacity to think and reason for myself. I have a different perspective than you and it's not propaganda. I recognize fascism when I see it. America has had a history of fascism in a milder form than Germany or Italy. If you find it too difficult to understand what I said above about government taking over our country and that it's NOT legal, OH well!

    Apparently you feel all right with all of this and believe that government takeover is OK. I understand why you may want ObamaCare too. That's your choice! I'm NOT telling you how to think or what to believe. I'm also not telling you what to watch, or who to trust. Again, that's your choice.

    I choose NOT to watch NBC, ABC, or CNN for "news" because I DO think for myself. I personally believe that they cannot be honest when reporting the news without a strong liberal/progressive slant.

    It's MY CHOICE Nick. Just like you have YOUR choice to watch the media you like and feel comfortable reading and viewing.

    If I did as you suggest and watched the media that supports and promotes Obama, I'd be supporting ObamaCare and writing about what a wonderful President he is and how much I adore the Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) and Harry Reid (Senate Majority Leader).

    These are the same people who have tried to intimidate us, insult us, and bully us into accepting their political agenda. They have employed tax cheats, idealogues, Communists, and people who advocate euthanasia into their administration. I'm ANGRY because they have tried to diminish our (American) opinions as unimportant. They have labeled American people as angry Republicans, Extremists, Teabaggers, or just Un-American. That's BULLSHIT!

    In all conscience, I couldn't watch anything that I find so biased and disgusting - just like you couldn't watch Glenn Beck!

  9. actually, i do watch glenn beck. and lou dobbs, as well as rick sanchez and campbell brown. that's how you get the whole picture, buddy.

    but you've been missing my point. I haven't made a statement about whether I support health care reform. I'm still just chasing the truth.

    I think it's pretty funny that you're criticizing someone for being biased. Pot and Kettle?

    labels are meaningless. you know, sticks and stones. you're pretty free flinging labels around youself. Pot and Kettle?

    And you forgot Wingnuts! LOL

  10. I have to chuckle at your logic. You refuse to watch any station other than Fox news, and your reason? The others are biased. But Fox is Fair and Balanced. The sad thing is that you're so brainwashed that you actually believe it.

  11. Nick,
    I'm talking about the BIG PICTURE. You continue to brush-off what I stated regarding the government take over of several key industries in America. That is Fascism! Fascist takeovers must be OK with you because you seem to side with it buy NOT commenting on the issue. No comment is a comment!

    These government grabs are ILLEGAL! They go against the Constitution. If you want to accept the "justifications" that the government provides for the reasons why they have to do this, then you are a fool.

    Instead you argue and tell me what news stations and media are important. Whether they have a slant or not, they have all reported about these government takeovers.

    I don't need to watch every news station or read the New York Times to understand that the government has grabbed a considerable amount of power in less than a year - get it? That's what's important. Our government is getting too big, too fast, too powerful, and they want to control our everyday lives - including our healthcare. This is the sole reason for this web site. To draw attention to this fact and to make people aware of it.

    This observation is not brainwashing. It is rational thinking.

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