Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DEMs Show True Color

In the past few days we have begun to get a clear message from the so called "Democrats" in Washington. They're "so-called" because it is getting harded and harder to really know who's who. Party lines are blurred. One thing Americas are finding out is that Neither Party is representing THEM.

Over the last few days the so-called DEMs have come out for ILLEGALS. They want illegal aliens to get ObamaCare. Twenty two (22) have written a letter saying that it is the "moral" thing to do. That's a lot of CRAP! I suppose it's the moral thing to SCREW seniors out of $500 Billion dollars of Medicare cvoverage too. How can they justify that? Seniors will have to pay for those illegals. Forget it! They are here illegally. They should have NO RIGHTS! All illegals ARE CRIMINALS by definition! But the DEMs still don't get it!

Now they are pushing hard for the public option again. Senator Jay Rockefeller (D) VA says this: "We need this option because the insurance companies have failed to meet their obligation." He's forgotted that he's forgetting HIS OBLIGATION to represent Americans - not the IDIOTS in Washington and their special interest groups.

Remember Public Option = Government Controlled (socialized) medical plan. Apparently, the democratic Congress doesn't believe the polls. Rasmussen just posted that only 41% of American voters now favor government healthcare. But the DEMs STILL don't get it. They have a deaf ear for their constituents. They think that the Tea Parties will all go away and that Americans have a short memory.

This folks ARE IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE in November 2010!

Action To Take

Call and write your representatives. Tell them "NO" on ANY government healthcare. Give us tort reform instead!

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