Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stimulus Failure?

America, you wanted change and you got it! Obama’s Olympic failure is another example of his “strong” leadership. He came home empty-handed, rejected by the world community. So much for apologizing to the world leaders. Look what it got him.

Is this a “Change You Can Believe In”?

Actually we are probably lucky that Chicago didn’t get the Olympics. They really don’t have the money to build what was needed to support it. Obama just wanted to help his old political buddies with another government perk. The government (taxpayers) would have been asked to “help” them with another bailout to save the Olympics from failing.

When he returned home, President Obama faced the bad news that the unemployment rate has now climbed to just over 9.8%. Insult to injury! Is that what he promised when told us that the Stimulus bill would keep unemployment form reaching 8.5%? He had to have it to save America. We passed it without reading it and this is what we got! America, are you beginning to get the picture?

The Stimulus is NOT creating jobs in the private sector. Instead, there have been over 25, 000 new administrative jobs created in the government to handle things like the Cash for Clunkers program and other such boondoggles. Instead, we are loosing more and more jobs each month. Let’s face it, the Stimulus IS NOT WORKING.

Instead the Stimulus has placed America’s deficit into the ABYSS. We are destroying this country and ruining our children’s future. How long will we tolerate Congress and the President’s CRAZY government control and unrealistic unsustainable deficits?

Action To Take
Call and write the President and your representatives. Tell them to STOP SPENDING AND START BALANCING THE BUDGET!

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