Tuesday, September 29, 2009

World Leader or Community Organizer?

Last November we elected Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States. We did so knowing full well that he had little – if any- experience in budgeting, managing people, or governing, let alone being a President. We knew he had been a US Senator for just about two years.

We elected him President aware that he had friendly relationships with William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn admitted domestic terrorists and members/founders of the Weather Underground and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). (Both organizations were revolutionary political organizations that wanted to overthrow the US government). We elected him also knowing that he was proud that the person who had the greatest influence on his life was Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of the church which made headlines for it’s hateful stance and anti-American rhetoric. We knew that both Obama’s attended that church for over twenty years.

All of Obama’s experience after college was committed to that of community organizing in the city of Chicago, IL, known for it rampant political corruptness. He was an organizer and trainer for ACORN. He served as their attorney and was paid by government funds on their behalf.

His resume is strong in the field of organizing and weak or under qualified to be the President of the United States. But we wanted change in America and he was elected.

Now he is faced with being the “leader” of the free world. His lack of experience makes him easy prey for the world’s dictators and evil axis countries. Obama is not held in very high esteem by China, Russia, or Iran and other terrorist entities. He is naïve in foreign affairs and has consistently apologized for America to world leaders and dictators. He acts ashamed to be an American.

He has surrounded himself with fellow radicals and extremists to advise him in Presidential affairs. America is at peril and Americans are waking up.

Recently he has disrespected Israel, Poland, and the United Kingdom, our allies. Now he is spending all his time trying to win the Olympics for his home state of Illinois, while he neglects to speak to the general in command of our troops in Afghanistan. Obama has only talked once to the Afghan command in the past 90 days! Hello? We are at war over there. Shouldn’t this be a little more important? He cannot get the priorities right. He’s still organizing and NOT leading!

He’s also pressing hard to pass government controlled healthcare although there really is no current healthcare crisis. He sets unreasonable deadlines in hopes Congress will pass something before we have the opportunity to read the legislation. Why is this? In spite of the so called “emergency” to fix healthcare, Congress has also been instructed not to make ObamaCare take effect until after November 2012. Humm… Why do you suppose this is? Easy, Obama, doesn’t want Americans to see how the plan works until after he gets elected for a second term.

Action To Take
Write or call the White House. Tell them to STOP apologizing for America. Tell them to take action in Afghanistan. Tell them to get some guts and take a strong stand with Iran because we don’t want Iran to become a nuclear power under Obama’s watch. Tell them to drop ObamaCare – we don’t want it!

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