Sunday, September 27, 2009

ACORN 8 Speak Out

Eight former ACORN directors speak out against ACORN. They are on the record for stating that ACORN " not living up to their organizational mission."

These directors are calling for a full investigation and want to see the following actions:
  • A forensic investigation of the entire organization and all its affiliates
  • A complete and independent audit by a nationally certified auditor
  • Firing of all individuals who knew about the embezzlement and did nothing
In addition they would like to see a call for a national boycott of All funding sent to ACORN, including the following:
  • Charitable funding
  • 501c funding
  • Individual dues
  • All other sources of funding
This boycott should be in effect until there is an investigation as outlined above.

Action To Take
Support the boycott. Encourage anyone who funds this organization to stop paying them anything until there is a full disclosure of the inner workings of the organization and an explanation of where taxpayer's monies have been spent.

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