Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stimulus Working Yet?

Not for jobs! Unemployment rates are breaking new records in 372 metropolitan areas according the Wall Street Journal. These rates are not declining, but going upwards despite the "rosy" outlook being presented in Washington. But the economy is supposed to be doing so well! Yeah? Then where are the new jobs?

It is further reported that 19 cities now have unemployment rates over 15%!! Eight of these cities are in California. El Centrio, CA has the highest unemployment rate in the nation of 30.2%! Not just California; Yuma, AZ is the second highest city with unemployment at 26.2%.

However, the seasonally adjusted rate of unemployment for the nation is ONLY 9.7% and climbing! How does that make you feel if you're any of those people? You STILL need work. It is predicted to go way over 10% in the near future.

As for the larger cites, well, things aren't much better, but you won't hear that from the White House. Detroit, MI has an unemployment rate of 17.7%. Next comes Riverside-San Bernadino, CA with 14.3%. After that comes Las Vegas with 13.1%.

If you live in any of those places or are unemployed, ask yourself this question. Do you really think that the politicians in Washington really give a care about you? HA! Think again. They only worry about themselves and getting re-elected. They could care less that you can't put food on the table or can't pay your rent.

Action To Take
If at all possible, participate in the Tea Party Express which will end in Washington on September 12, 2009.

Remember them on November 2, 2010. That's when you can make a big difference. Your voice will be heard. Give Washington politicians "End of Congress Counseling" because they are going to be leaving town and be unemployed - just like you! (Only they deserve it!)

Help them remember their false promises on how the Stimulus would provide jobs and keep unemployment under 8.5%. Dump these worthless "elites". Put someone in office who will listen to you, answer your questions, and respond to YOUR needs in a timely fashion. Get rid of those who keep trying to sell you on government controlled healthcare and who have forgotten that they work for you!

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