Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ever Wonder About Election Fraud?

We have some important elections happening today in three states; New York, New Jersey, and Virginia. They are important because each state as polled, indicate that election results could be very close (similar to what happened in Minnesota where a Republican was overthrown by a Democrat in a recount that took several months). These three elections could go either way. These are the first states to have elections since the Presidential election a year ago in November. They are being used as barometers to help determine whether the American voter public is happy or not with the Obama administration.

Main stream media has reported that ACORN sister organizations are busy in all three states including SEIU. Doing what? Why helping with the elections, of course. Why is that bad?

Just Being Cynical?
Well just because ACORN has been accused of election fraud, tax evasion, and racketeering doesn’t mean that the closely related sister organizations are corrupt. Or does it? Much of the funding in the Minnesota recount tallies came from none other than George Soros. You know, he’s the guy who has visited with Obama four times since being elected. And oh, by the way Andy Stern (president of SEIU) has met with Obama 22 times since Obama was elected. Why so many meetings? We can only guess.

Just because ACORN shares office space with SEIU it doesn’t mean that they are doing anything bad or illegal.

One Thing for Sure
If any of these three elections are close or tied, there should be some serious election fraud investigations performed. Why? Main stream media has reported that absentee ballots are being used at unusually high numbers in all three states. Some have reported that election fraud has already occurred using these ballots. (People who haven’t physically voted, have already cast absentee ballots!)

The state of New Jersey recently loosened their absentee ballot rules making it easier for people who don’t speak English to get help casting their absentee ballots. Helpers hand deliver the ballots and talk the voters through the process of marking the ballots. The Democrats in New Jersey wanted to include more ballots as “provisional ballots” which always tends to increase the possibility of election fraud. (No ID is required for NON-registered voters!)

Action To Take
Keep your eyes on these elections. If anything smells “fishy” like it did in Minnesota, start asking a lot of questions. Don’t let another election fraud cause the wrong candidate to be put into office.

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