Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Sleeping Giant Has Awakened

The first elections held (a year after the Presidential election) have a message for politicians in Washington. Is the US Congress smart enough to hear it? Will they continue in their frenzy to spend America into bankruptcy? They totally ignored their constituents when they held town meetings last summer. They totally ignored the march on Washington DC that had over 100,000 in attendance. They totally ignored their emails and letters. Congress hasn’t listened to our message. We want them to stop deficit spending, and not to support new energy taxes like Cap & Trade. We also don’t want the government meddling with OUR health care. But Congress just keeps spending and passing legislation that THEY want that supports THEIR special interest agenda – NOT OURS!

Isn’t it funny how elections get a politician’s attention? Elections are the one thing that they seem to care about. They need US to keep getting re-elected so they can continue in their folly and destruction of America.

Yesterday the “truthers”, “birthers’, “tea bag terrorists”, “extremists”, “racists”, “Oath Keepers”, “Astro Turfers”, “un-Americans”, “Nazis”, and “evil-mongers” came to the polls and voted for new governors in Virginia and in New Jersey. These states had the luxury of having President Obama come personally multiple times to support the Democratic candidates running there respectively. Obama readily won these states in the 2008 Presidential election. Now, Obama’s popularity and charisma had little overall effect on the election results.

People have had almost a year with the new President. They have seen his ideas for restructuring America as we knew it - into something quite different. A change we can believe in? Apparently not. In Virginia the incumbent lost by over 18% of the votes cast. That’s a pretty convincing win that showed voters were unhappy with the incumbent which happened to be a Democrat and supported raising taxes and huge spending.

Even more impressive were the election results in New Jersey where the voters are typically liberal-left Democrats. They overthrew the Democratic governor in a three party race. The independent took just over 5% of the votes and the Republican won by a 5% margin in a strongly Democratic state. This was a REAL blowout. Corruption in government and high taxes were the leading issues.

What Does This Show?
This indicates that main stream Americans are not happy with the direction that this country is headed. Americans are frustrated with the “deaf ear” they have been getting in Washington. These two new governors are the result of this pent-up frustration and are a view of things to come in 2010.

Congress has been acting irresponsibly for quite some time-not just the current administration, but previous ones as well. They have fallen to the powers and corruption of special interest groups. They no longer represent the people who elected them into office. Incumbents are perhaps the most guilty. What Americans want now are candidates who will pass legislation that provides term limits in the House of Representatives and in the US Senate. We no longer want to see career politicians running Washington. That’s the change we want and that’s the change we will get. Look for a clean sweep in the mid-term elections. It’s coming, the Sleeping Giant is awake now. We are watching and ready to act.

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