Monday, November 2, 2009

Start Paying Attention

Americans, are you happy with Congress and the legislation they are working on and want to pass? Have you had positive results contacting your representatives? Are they listening to you? Do you agree with the current polls regarding Congressional approval ratings? Do you know what’s happening with the government healthcare legislation? Do you know how your Congressman has voted on Cap & Trade? Where do you get your news? Newspaper, TV, Internet, Radio? It makes a BIG difference where you get your information. You may be surprised, but mainstream media is NOT that objective in delivering what they call the “news.”

Become Politically Active
Register to vote. Take the time to vote in the 2010 elections. If you’re not happy with the current Congress, then do not vote for the incumbent. Try a new candidate instead. If you are unhappy with your current political party and the direction (or lack of direction) they are taking, then register as an Independent. Be open minded and don’t tie yourself down to one political ideology – especially of it is not working as you expected it would.

Did you attend a town meeting this summer? Were you happy you went? Do you know what to do next? Have you tried a different source to get the news of the day? Why not try one? Have you ever watched Glenn Beck on Fox News? Why?/why not? Have you read any books on politics lately?

Prepare for the 2010 Elections
Get online and join FaceBook or Twitter or BOTH! You’ll be amazed at how many people you can meet to share your ideas and thoughts with regarding politics. Make the time to become aware of what your government is doing and how they are behaving towards the issues that affect YOUR life.

Begin to discuss political issues with family members. Join discussion groups. Join a Tea Party or the 912 Project in your local area.

Remember, things won’t change if you don’t take the time and effort to help influence the outcome.

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