Saturday, November 28, 2009

How About an Investigation?

Hey, before we commit Trillions of dollars in deficit spending with Cap & Trade legislation to reduce carbon emissions and green house gasses, don't you think we should look into the reported falsified data and possible fraud on Climate Change?

The proposed Cap & Trade legislation affects all major industries that produce ANYTHING made in the United States. It even taxes consumers on their homes and use of electricity. The net affect is that of "eco tyranny." Cap & Trade taxes everything produced and all sources of energy. Ironically, the legislation creates the new business of taxing energy in order to make money for the government and redistribute wealth.

In this fragile economy, America cannot afford any more new taxes. It will destroy our economy. Now we have evidence that the whole idea of Climate Change may be a fraud. Climate Change may be an exaggeration, a conspiracy, and falsified data all to further a cause of a Progressive political agenda. News broke that prominent scientists have collaborated in falsifying data and may be defrauding Americans in order to get the legislation passed. Isn't that enough to warrant an investigation alone? Why spend trillions more to give the US government control over what could be a FALSE SCIENCE? It doesn't make any sense to pass Cap & Trade until we find out more.

If Congress ignores the latest developing scandal, then we can truly understand that the Progressive agenda is in full swing. Now that we have a hint that Global Warming may actually be a farce, does it make ANY sense to continue with Cap & Trade?

Action To Take
Demand a Congressional investigation into the "smoking gun" on Climate Change before continuing with Cap & Trade legislation.

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