Sunday, November 22, 2009

Politics as Usual

Do you think that Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu (D) is bad? She made a deal with her fellow Senators that if she voted "YES" on ObamaCare, she would get $300 Million in extra federal money (from deficit spending) for her state. (She was a critical swing voter on the bill). What’s the difference between this and extortion and bribery? She literally sold her vote (extortion at taxpayer's expense) to get "payola" for Louisiana. Isn't that what it really was – extortion and bribery? The majority of her constituents don't want ObamaCare, but she votes for it anyway. She rationalizes that it brings $300 Million dollars back to her home state. She's proud of that accomplishment! So she gives people what they don't want and then subsidizes her pet projects with deficit spending that we all can't afford. We're supposed to feel good about that? Louisiana voters, how do you feel about that?

What about your state Reps and Senators who may have supported ObamaCare even though the majority of Americans don't want it? Are they any different than Mary Landrieu? What deals did they cut to make their votes count? Is it OK to accept politics as usual?

Oh sure, that's politics. Oh really? What ever happened to being honest? How about actually representing the people who put you in office?

Speaking of honesty and politics, the AARP is now a strong supporter of ObamaCare. Remember several months ago they denied that they were supporting government healthcare. That's when they were in negotiations with Obama to cut a deal.

The AARP is ignoring the fact that the people they are paid to represent (senior citizens) are literally getting screwed if ObamaCare passes. Seniors will loose $500 Billion dollars from Medicare in order to help pay for the uninsured and "others". The AARP is happy to go along with this plan. Why? Because Obama is going to allow them to sell their gap insurance to the Seniors who will loose their coverage under Medicare when government healthcare passes! The AARP will make millions of dollars because they sold-out the very people who they are suppose to represent. Politics as usual.

Action To Take
In the case of the AARP, that's easy. Quit your membership (if you belong). Tell other seniors to follow suit. In the case of your representatives –vote them out of office in the 2010 mid-term elections. In the case of your senators, stay on their case and watch them like hawks. Know what they do and how they vote, so you can make an informed voting decision when their respective term is up.

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