Monday, November 23, 2009

Progressives at it Again!

Brief Background
Nicknamed "Old Ironsides", the USS Constitution is the nation's oldest commissioned naval vessel. The Constitution is literally a floating museum of American history. It follows a ceremonial custom of twice-daily firing its cannons and playing the National anthem as it raises and lowers the American flag. The legendary battleship is equipped with 44 cannons, but only shoots two – twice a day. It has done so for eons of time as an American tradition since 1798!

Now upscale Charlestown, MA neighbors are trying to silence this tradition forever. The miffed residents claim that the cannon blasts are "more disruptive to the neighborhood than you might have imagined."

Our Massachusetts reader Mr. Anonymous has made several comments to the progressive attacks that exemplify the progressive movement in trying to change America's established traditions. Here are his observations…

"Have you followed the story about the USS Constitution firing its cannons twice daily and playing our national anthem over speakers?

A few of the residents (red nose in the air "privileged assholes") in the condos near where the ship is docked are now crying about the noise and how their day is disrupted by the Navy activity. The condos are no doubt posh high-end units, but do you think those complaining had prior knowledge?!! They are pushing Charlestown [MA] (and who knows who else) to stop the Navies salute to all who served and are serving now.

It just doesn't stop. In many countries the complainers would be removed, silenced, deported etc. Sad they can't see where their freedom comes from.

Another bunch of MA clowns moved to NH in the last twenty years to avoid [paying sales] taxes and "live free or die". Now there are so many liberals in the southern NH towns they are trying to remove the state motto from the license plates because it is "offensive". Next what? Change the motto?

Don't even think about VT. Soft judges (pedophiles getting of with no jailtime), fluffy marriage, home of Howard Dean, New York liberals moving in, and Ben and Jerrys ice cream flavor to celebrate VT gay marriage law.

The US is loosing grip. I wont go on, no need to. Where is the Silent Majority? They best wake up.


Dear Anomyous, Progressives will continue their attack on America's traditions. You're right, we need to stop them. This IS our country too!!

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