Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Taxes and More Taxes

That's the answer!

We voted for change. Is this the change you wanted? Proposed government healthcare contains so many hidden taxes, they number over a dozen! Cap & Trade will tax everything produced, consumed or generated in the US. Now the latest "idea" out of Washington is to fund the war in Afghanistan by passing a "War Surtax" on the wealthy. And… the other brainstorm idea is now to tax Wall Street! Discriminate against Wall Street and capitalism! Obama's policies punish anyone who believes in capitalism. Isn't that Class Warfare? Isn't this the United States of America or Marxism? Are you sure? If the government can tax one group, what's stopping them from taxing another?

Since when does it become a good idea to let costs decide National Security strategy? What kind of advice is that? Aren't we committed to win in Afghanistan? Isn't Afghanistan linked to our National Security? We have a President who can't make a LIFE or DEATH decision. If he had a son or daughter serving in Afghanistan would he still be waiting to make a decision to send troops or not? Does that give you a warm fuzzy feeling at night? If not then we should get the hell out of Afghanistan and stop wasting American blood and treasure. Chances are that Obama doesn't even have a plan for withdrawal either!

Obama's strategy is to tax everything while the economy is in a serious recession of unprecedented proportions! Does this make any sense at all? We (the citizens of the US) are paying dearly for his lack of experience and naïveté in administering and governing anything! Our troops are paying with their lives. Does he even care?

National bankruptcy is looming around the corner. Our deficits are becoming crucial. The dollar is dropping in value. There's talk of a new world currency. His answer is to tax us even more than before. That's insanity and just bad for America. Americans have been taxed enough. We need to protect our homeland and start cutting big government programs. We can't do it using a pre-911 mentality. Obama is puting our country at risk.

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