Friday, February 18, 2011

The Good & the Bad

Tell Congress
When you are contacting your Congressional representatives telling them that you are not happy with their voting "YES" to keep the ILLEGAL Patriot Act alive, please give pause and also tell them on the other hand that you are happy that they voted to STOP funding the FCC's initiative for controlling the Internet (otherwise known as Net Neutrality).

The House just voted 244 to 181 not to fund the government agencies dealing with Net Neutrality. BRAVO! This stops the end run by the Obama administration to try and gain full control over the Internet and YOUR free speech.

Of course, President Obama has threatened to veto defunding against the Net Neutrality Act because he wants the power to control the Internet. Remember, that Congress holds the purse strings and they can make like difficult for this administration with that balance of power.

THANK Americans for bringing back the checks-and-balances to the system that we so badly needed!!

Don't Be Too Happy Yet
But don't forget to tell your reps that you are watching them closely and expect them to support LARGE BUDGET CUTS (including Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security) - not the piddly excuses offered so far. There won't be an America if we keep spending like Obama has in the last two years. Who in Washington will step up and fight hard for a fiscal conservative policy? Tell your reps that it's their turn to lead!

Be aware that of the 89 newly elected Republicans, only 27 of them voted AGAINST the Patriot Act extension!! That's not conscionable! They were elected in November and took an oath to protect the Constitution. Three months later, they are voting AGAINST IT and their very oath of office! Question this logic!!

Action To Take
Are you still sitting on the couch doing nothing? Have you bothered to use the tool mentioned on Wednesday this week to see how your reps have been voting? Don't be part of the problem. At the very least, contact your Congressional representatives and tell them how you feel and how you want them to proceed. Tell Congress that "DEBT" is a four letter word.

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