Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Government We Know & Trust

Unintended Consequences
Let's face it, when somone in Congress gets a brainy idea to "conserve energy" they never analyze the REAL effect that their idea has on us. Or if they do, they don't give a care about us. So instead, they listen to the "Eco Nazis" who are fanatical about the planet earth. They don't care about people - just planet Earth! The hell with the people, they want to save all ecosystems EXCEPT OURS! These are the same folks who want to pass Cap & Trade and regulate carbon which would make your energy bills and cost of living "Skyrocket" - (Obama's word).

Where is This Rant Going?
A short while back, Congress decided to save the planet and pass a law that outlaws tungsten filament light bulbs by 2014. (Regular light bulbs). They did it to help Americans save electricity because these new bulbs are "energy efficient." That sounds nice until you take a hard look at what this actually requires of us. But before we get to that, let's point out that ALL compact flourescent light bulbs are manufactured in - you guessed it CHINA! We are closing-down or biggest light bulb plant in Ohio, laying off hundreds of workers, just so the Chinese can manufacture an environmentally UNSAFE (containing hazardous material - mercury) light bulb - that saves electricity when used. Who's brainaic Idea was this?

Forced By The Fed to Comply
Yes, these light bulbs cost a lot more than the old ones. But this is NOT the problem. Here is a link to a 5 minute explanation on why this is such a stupid idea. View it and weep.

Action To Take
Let Congress know that you want them to REPEAL this idiotic law that destroys American jobs, closes American factories, and pollutes our soil!

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