Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's All About Entitlements

The Buttinsky!
So here we go again, the President is making judgements without the facts, just like he did on criticizing the Cambridge Police Department a while back. Obama is in support of the Teacher's union striking and closing-down schools. Yes, our President is sticking his nose into a state's business once again. Frankly, it's none of his business.

Ironically, he's not the only Washington politician doing so. Our old buddy Nancy Pelosi ALSO supports the teacher's union closing-down schools. In fact, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is supporting these efforts behind the scenes.

Ask yourself, why they are doing this. It's simple. The Democratic party receives MILLIONS of dollars in union contributions to help them during get reelected. This is about reciprocity. One hand washes the other. This examplifies the corruption in politics - even the President is guilty.

Is it right for the President to butt-in and meddle in a state's affairs? Absolutely not! But he has to show his base that he's supporting the unions - even if they are breaking the law. (It is against the law for teachers to strike in most states).

The Bigger Picture
Democracy is on the line in Wisconsin (the home of the Progressive Movement). The teacher's union, state employee's union, and AFSME (American Federation of Municipal Employees) have taken-over the state government and are making a spectacle of it. Ironically, voters wanted the new Republican government to clean house. The citizens in Wisconsin have their freedom on the line (and so do we).

Union mobs are being lead by community organizers. They have taken over the streets in Wisconsin. The privilege of collective bargaining is the issue at hand. Unions want to keep their powers and teacher's huge benefits - even though it's hard to justify it when the state is going bankrupt. Unions want their entitlements regardless of the finance of the state.

However, the state can grant the privilege or rescind it. That's the law. However, unions are afraid of loosing it. So this is what we get. Schools are closed all for more entitlements.

Frankly, if the unions win, we ALL loose - not just Wisconsin, but America. It will be controlled by the unions and not your representatives. Freedom is on the line. There' s a lot more at stake than just entitlements. We cannot let the special interests rule the country. This WAS America. Maybe not any more... Time will tell.

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