Monday, February 14, 2011

Why The Fed is Dangerous to the USA

Brief History
Back in 1913 the Progressive movement was successful in creating the Federal Reserve Bank. Founder, Thomas Jefferson warned of the dangers of a national bank. Congress ignored him. Ever since its creation, the US dollar has decreased in value by 92%. This devaluation is brought to you by the national bank. Congress gave away too much power to the Progressives.

No One Knows Who "Owns" The Fed
Currently, the Federal Reserve Bank is composed of several privately owned banks. Unfortunately, Americans do not know who these people are because the Feds keep it a secret. You heard right, the people who print our money and monetize our debt won't tell us who they are. For all we know, they are being controlled by Billionaire George Soros.

So What's The Big Beef?
As you recall, we passed TARP to the tune of $800 Billion dollars. Did you know that the government has no idea of who got the money or who's doing what with it? The Federal Reserve has the over site powers to audit, and investigate the people they lend money to but they have not. Instead, the Fed just sits there saying that they don't know about any problems and haven't investigated anything or anyone. We are talking about the organization who lends (or gives) American dollars to foreign banks and they cannot account for the money they gave out.

A Must Watch Video
Please take 5 minutes and watch a video that will shock you and (hopefully) make you mad enough to send this U-Tube link to all of your friends. Americans should see this blatant abuse of delegated power. It shows Congressman Grayson interviewing the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve Bank - Elizabeth Coleman asking who is keeping track of the TRILLIONS of dollars. Her response - no one!

Action To Take
Tell your Representatives that we need to take-back powers given to the Fed and we need an immediate AUDIT.

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