Friday, February 11, 2011

Obama's Grand Agenda

Micro Managing
Why is Obama trying to micro-manage our economy himself? He's already failed with the Stimulus and Shovel Ready jobs. Now he wants the new equivalent of Cash for Clunkers by giving a $7,500 tax credit if you buy a hybrid or GM's (Government Motors) Chevy Volt. This is partly because these cars cost too much to begin with.

Meanwhile VP Joe Biden is pushing for a $63 BILLION dollar high speed rail boondoggle. Haven't we learned from our mistakes with the failing AMATRAK? It looses BILLIONS ever year and the government keeps subsidizing it over and over. Besides, we don't want TSA taking over the rails too.

Government Doesn't Create Jobs
In this administration, Big Government does not create jobs unless they go to China or India. Last month the Labor Department reported a whopping 36,000 new jobs in the US. What they didn't mention were the number of jobs lost to foreign countries during the same time period.

So why is the government paying incentives to buy cars again? This is another way to waste taxpayer money. Or maybe it's a great way to help bring-down America. You remember, Cloward and Piven want to overload the system so it will collapse. Is this the REAL Obama strategy? It's beginning to look that way isn't it? He wants to spend America into the ground - plus borrow us into oblivion.

Who Chooses Anyway?
Under this administration the government decides who gets bailed-out and who doesn't. Seems like if you're General Electric, you get a lot of Big Government favors and promotions from Obama. Likewise if your a union. What about you? Feel left out?

So how can the government decide which products and services to endorse and receive these favors? Nepotism? Paybacks? Who make these decisions? Political corruption. It's beginning to smell like dead fish.

Cuts? What's That?
Our government owes over 14.7 TRILLION dollars ($14,000,000,000,000) and Obama wants to borrow more money for his "Brainiac" projects. Not only is this illogical, but it is just plain stupid. He does not even pay any attention to the National Debt. He doesn't care. He's trying to plunge the USA into the Dark Ages by bankrupting this country.

The government is flat-out lying when they say that there is no inflation. Ben Bernanke is actively devaluing your dollars causing inflation world-wide. Of course he denies any responsibility - even though the dollar is the international currency.

However, this may not be much longer. The International Monetary Fund (probably controlled by Soros) wants to drop the dollar to switch to the Euro! Just watch the price of all goods, products and services then! It's bad enough that food and gasoline process are climbing at an alarming rate now (THAT'S INFLATION). Just wait until the Federal Reserve engages MORE monetizing of the debt in Q3 and Q4 (Quantitative Easing part III, and Quantitative Easing part IV).

Freeze the Debt Ceiling Now
Stop Obama in his tracks immediately. We must NOT pass any override to raising the debt ceiling. This will force Big Government to make hard cuts that they like to avoid. We cannot sit and watch these irresponsible politicians destroy America.

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