Monday, February 7, 2011

Raise the Debt Ceiling?

Congress Better Think Twice
In a brand new pole conducted independently by The Hill, only 27% of voters favor raising the national debt ceiling! A strong 62% oppose the idea altogether.

Unsurprisingly, 77% of GOP voters don't want the debt ceiling raised while 64% of independent voters fee the same way. Even among DEMs, there are more who oppose raising it than support the measure. (46% oppose, while 42% support).

Obama's Stimulus Plan
This pole also finds that the public believes that Obama's Stimulus plan failed to help the economy. Here are the stats:
  • 40% agree that the Stimulus plan worked
  • 36% of voters said the Stimulus created jobs while 48% said it does not
  • 69% of DEMs say it boosted growth
  • 56% of independents believe that the Stimulus actually hurt or had no impact on the economy
What This Means
The President is loosing critical independent voters when it comes to his economic policies. It also shows that raising the debt ceiling has the conservative good-old-boy network split.

The Tea Party has a strong influence over this issue. People still bad mouth the Tea Party movement, but this illustrates the point clearly. If the GOP doesn't pay attention to the Tea Party, they will be out of office before they can realize it. They are on probation now and we are watching.

Action To Take
Don't just sit-back and watch America go down the toilet. Notify your Representatives and let them know you do NOT want them to raise the debt ceiling. This is YOUR country. It's time to take some positive action!

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