Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Big Vote is Thursday

Tomorrow is Budget Day
The Grand Old Party (GOP-Republican party) is getting ready to vote officially on the deal that John Boehner (R, OH) made last week with the DEMs. GOP leadership wants the rank and file to ratify that agreement. It's going to allow Obama to continue to borrow and spend money that America does NOT have.

The (GOP) are a bunch of IDIOTS!

Lesson Unlearned
America is bankrupt. Apparently the Good-Old-Boys in the GOP haven't figured that out yet. No, instead they came out of negotiations with a whopping $38 Billion in cuts. Statistically, that is so small of a cut from $14.4 Trillion, that it really doesn't count.

When are they going to get serious? How many times have we told them why we elected them into office? CUT SPENDING and STOP BORROWING!!

Action To Take
They vote on the 2011 budget tomorrow. Watch how your representatives vote. Let them know how you feel about voting NOT to cave to the piddly cuts offered by the DEMs.

Also tell your reps not to support raising the debt ceiling (this vote is coming in the next 4 weeks) unless they get a balanced budget agreement. America's future is at stake!

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