Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fair Tax - Everybody pays

In a Nutshell
The Fair Tax is a consumption tax. It abolishes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It actually repeals the 16th Amendment! Instead it creates a national sales tax. So everybody pays with only a few exceptions. Any American who is below the poverty level, pays no taxes.

Eliminates Taxes and Loopholes
HR 25, S 13 is non-partisan legislation. It removes the following taxes:
  • All federal personal taxes

  • All corporate income taxes

  • Gift taxes

  • Self-employment taxes

  • Social Security taxes

  • Medicare taxes

  • Estate taxes

  • Capital gains taxes

  • Alternate minimum taxes

What's Left?
The Fair Tax creates a national sales tax. It taxes all goods and services that we choose to spend our money on - NOT on what we earn! The tax is efficient, fair, transparent, and a logical solution that really eliminates the BS of taxes as we knew them. It literally replaces the current tax system with its thousands of pages of exceptions and special deductions. No more 1040A forms!

Want More Information?
Here is a link to get more details.
Please check it out then tell your representatives that you want the Fair Tax!

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